Gum Country is a new power trio brought to you by singer/guitarist/vocalist Courtney Garvin (The Courtneys). Connor Mayer plays drums and keyboards at the same time, and Halle Saxon (Automatic) plays bass in the live band. Debut full-length 'Somewhere' releases on vinyl/cassette worldwide on June 19th, 2020. A cassette of 4 track recordings is available now on Lolipop Records. You can also listen and buy merch on Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 8 December 2020


Just a quick note to let y'all know that there were some delays, but the Somewhere cassettes are here! Grab urs while they last on Bandcamp. Not gonna lie I'm completely in love with how this tape turned out 😎 xo Courtney

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Friday, 19 June 2020

Helloooo dear is the big day! Our album Somewhere is finally OUT. stream/buy>>>>>

Also we're donating all the digital bandcamp sales today to the ACLU to help end police brutality and fight for racial justice. You can read up on them here if you like. There are a lot of great organizations you can donate to right now, and the reason I picked the ACLU is because the animation studio I work for is matching all employee donations to them. So your purchase today will be doubled by the good folks at Titmouse.

What else is new....we have a seed packet available for purchase now. That was Tims idea! So cute thanks Tim : ) The seeds you receive may vary though, as I've discovered that there are restrictions on mailing seeds to certain countries. I was really excited about the idea of folks planting 10 foot sunflowers but you may receive something more practical, FYI.

Here's a few interviews I did sort of recently... all your Gum Country mysteries revealed:

And lastly, y'all know I love to paint and I wanted to share my latest painting: 'Fulltone BLM', gouache on metal, 2020. I love my new BLM pedal hehe :~) That said if anyone has any leads on a good OCD clone, or a similarly transparent overdrive with tons of sustain - maybe by a black or woman owned company? - I'm all ears.

Stay tough y'all <3 Happy Juneteenth and talk soon -C

Friday, 6 March 2020

Got a few gigs lined up...

First one is tonite, March 6th at a secret location in Frogtown (flier by me). And then next week March 14th at Monty Bar (flier by AJ Kahn). So much love and gratitude for Lauren for filling in on bass for Halle at these two shows! Halle is away on tour a lot these days, which is great. And it's great we have Lauren. Everything is great.

More shows comin' up in LA TBA as well...brb.

And big news, we made a record.It's 45 mins long. Joo-joo recorded/mixed it. It will be out in June on vinyl and cassette.

What else...we shot a music video last weekend with the help of beautiful angels Stumble on Tapes. I'm editing it now and it's really quite sick! I didn't expect this to happen but it's going in a bit of a Strawberry Switchblade direction if you know what I mean. As soon as i'm done it will be released and then I will properly credit everyone involved and stuff. Always a team effort. BTS pics below by Alejandro Ohlmaier.

And one last thing I wanted to say: our original cassette on Lolipop Records is currently on sale for $2. Can they even make them for that price? No I don't think they can. Tapes are the new pennies.


- C

Monday, 19 August 2019


It was a busy month for Gum Co and very fun :-)

Somebody took this video of our whole set at the Echo on Canada Day, supporting Ian Sweet. So cool! Thank you so much cool person.

We also played Ham & Eggs with Kim Gray and Picky Bunches, Burger Records with Necking and Lauren Early, and then the Bootleg with French Vanilla and Stef Chura. Wow, look at all that name dropping.

I can't really tell what this website is exactly, is it a substitute for not having any official social media? Is it a journal? Will anyone ever look at it? Do I care? These are all questions to which I have no answer. Anyways, thank you for being here. This project has proved to be 100% reliant on the support and encouragement of friends - y'all know who you are and so much love to ya <3

Monday, 29 April 2019

Just finished tracking 7 songs on delicious blue tape at Studio 22! Only the blue will do for these Dodger freaks. Thank you Joo Joo <3